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In the blog work, I have learned some things about how to write about a book in an interesting and modern way. It has given me some ideas about what I am going to write about in my book report, and it has also done me more reflective about what I am reading. I have also been given the opportunity to follow my classmates blog through their blog. I think is an ok way to work with a book and I have received constructive comments from others in class. It hasn?t really built up my confidence about writing a good English essay because it was harder than expected, but it is a nice and productive way to practise at it.


The novel has many themes, but some of the main themesin the book is love, family and Identity.

Love is an important theme of the book because the whole story cerculates around Hazel and Gus and their love, care and attraction gainst each other. The book is filled with love, and not only between Hazel and Gus, but also between the other characters in the book like Hazel and her mother, and Isaac and Gus.

Family is also a central theme in the book because the ones who may suffer even more than the cancer-victims is their family, and specially their parents, who have to see their most valuable thing in life suffer and might even be forced to meet death so early in life. It is also about how Close you get With Your Family when you get isolated from the rest of the world.

Hazel often question what her identity is, and if she really is more than just a canser patient. She wants to have a personality and hobbies thathas nothingto do with her disease.

Point of view

The point of view in the novel is first person. The story is Hazels, and she gets to tell it all from her view. She is a like-able, smart and reflective girl and this makes us readers excited to hear her thoughts and feelings. It almost makes us feel like it is our life and out own thoughts.An example: ?I'm in love with you," he said quietly.
"Augustus," I said.

Book report

I have chosen towrite a bookreport instead of a book analysis becauseIthinka book report is what I will manage to conduct best in a structured and properway. All though a book analysis could have been a fun challenge, I think a book report is more suitable for me. I am looking forward to write the book report and to read the end of my book.

The environment in the novel

The setting ofthe book is based in Hazels hometown Indianapolis in our century. Indianapolis is from Hazel and the authors/ books viewpoint a very grey and isolated town. Most of the setting is inside because of the limitations of where they can stay caused by their disease.

Therefore they are a lot at each others house, the hospital and support groups. Hazel spendsa lot of time in her room reading the same book again and again, so the envionment in the novel is kinda sad and miserable. At least to this point of the book.

Chapter one

The book and chapter opens with a comment from the main character, Hazel Grace, about how her mother thinks she is depressed. Because of this she has to go to a support group for kids and youths with cancer. She does not like the support group and especially the sharing of emotions. But one day, she meets a boy at the support group who charms her. The boy is called Augustus and he had cancer before. He asks Hazel to comehome to his place to watch a movie and Hazel agrees to it.

My choise of book

I have chosen to read The fault in Our stars. I have chosen this book because this is a book I have heard a lot of positive mentions about. I have also read a lot of the authors other books. The author is called John Green.I think he is an amazing author because he is very good at getting across teenagers feelings. This is alsoa good book to write about and analyse.

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This is a school project where i am going to read "The fault in Our stars" and Write about the book.



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